LRH products

Lucie travels the world discovering the latest trends in fashionable accessories and interior design. New colors and shapes are immediately apparent in her boutique, which has a selection of luxury hand-made pieces, ranging from lighting to unique crystal ware, barware and beautiful decorative objects. All pieces are made entirely by hand throughout the production process, from the glass blowing, adding minerals for particular hues, cutting, engraving and polishing. All pieces have been extensively checked before arriving in London to assure they are of the finest quality.

Lucie says, “Having a small boutique enables us to focus our vision and to relate that to clientele, making sure we understand new trends in order to predict the next ones. People usually know what they like but are not aware of it until it’s brought to their attention. In this, we provide the highest personal service throughout, explaining our ethos and what that means in the decision-making. Our clients soon become as dedicated as we are ourselves.”